Movie Reviews

This blog post is to share my personal thoughts on each movie I watch in 2020. Be sure to return from time to time to check out which new additions I’ve made. I avoid spoilers here and make reviews as brief as possible.   6 UNDERGROUND I really enjoyed this movie. It kind of flew […]


Yesterday my dog died. I just decided to quietly post this without any advertisement to honor its memory. Dogs are loyal to a fault and cookie was the most loyal I have ever known. I remember the first day I met her like it was yesterday. I was in JSS 3, in Ridge Church School […]

Pick 3 pills

I came across this question on twitter and It took me a hot minute to realize that this is actually a social experiment. Each choice you make shows what some of your core values and wishes are. We’ll take each pill and what it means. There are 9 pills in all and each gives a […]


The concept of a soulmate basically means one person is a perfect fit for another. Quick shout out to black men unfiltered on YouTube for using my topic as a point of discussion on “Do Soulmates Exist?” . Let’s break it down carefully. If you believe that this post is about me letting all my […]

Faded Possibilities

It always starts with a bright and colourful moment, Where possibilities appear to be limitless, Every waking day seems to be better yet you do not want to admit it too early. Flowers bloom signalling that it’s time for these potential ideas to become realities, You proceed and many memories of your progress are made, […]

My Top 10 Eminem songs

I’ve never mentioned it on this blog but Eminem is my favourite artist of all time. Second place has never been close for me. The person who occupies that position switched throughout my many years of listening to music. To cut things short, this is a top 10 of my personal favourite Eminem songs. Ranked […]

No News is Good News

I recently had a conversation with a female friend of mine and that conversation inspired this post. It practically began when she put up a whatsapp status saying “comment hi and I’ll ask you 17 questions that you must answer truthfully” I thought to myself “well what at all can she possibly ask?” Well the […]