Faded Possibilities

It always starts with a bright and colourful moment, Where possibilities appear to be limitless, Every waking day seems to be better yet you do not want to admit it too early. Flowers bloom signalling that it’s time for these potential ideas to become realities, You proceed and many memories of your progress are made, […]

My Top 10 Eminem songs

I’ve never mentioned it on this blog but Eminem is my favourite artist of all time. Second place has never been close for me. The person who occupies that position switched throughout my many years of listening to music. To cut things short, this is a top 10 of my personal favourite Eminem songs. Ranked […]

No News is Good News

I recently had a conversation with a female friend of mine and that conversation inspired this post. It practically began when she put up a whatsapp status saying “comment hi and I’ll ask you 17 questions that you must answer truthfully” I thought to myself “well what at all can she possibly ask?” Well the […]

Thin Line Thread

There’s a……. Thin line between a lie and carefully omitting info. Thin line between a vigilante and a hero. Thin line between love of your life & love by circumstance. Thin line between taking care of yourself and selfishness. Thin line between thick and fat. Thin line between a transgender & fag. Thin line between […]

Letter to my unborn child

Hey young world, I’m writing this to you as a man in his twenties. This post is about to be in a time capsule called wordpress. I’ve experienced a lot so far in this thing called life and I’d like to give you a heads up on certain things that I was never told. My […]

Morale System

Just crossed my mind how important Football Manager’s morale system is. It can actually be applied in real life circumstances. In FM, there’s an algorithm that views your squad, tactics, form, morale & other statistics. That information is used to determine who wins the match at hand. A footballing example is just last weekend. City […]

Creative Adaptations: Peoples And Cultures

This right here was my final presentation back in University that i just came across. It was an analysis on how the 3 groups of the new world (Native Americans,Europeans and Africans) adapted and interacted with each other when they first met. I tried to simplify my essay as always. And i thought i should […]