Movie Rating System 

Movies!. Before I say anything, this was bound to happen. Once I did a music rating system and a statistical album rating post a movie version was bound to happen. Anyway, Movies, we love em, we watch em, we found role models in em, we enjoy different stories with different twists. We are disappointed by […]

Rating Albums Statistically 

This right here is your personal objective view of an album. If you’re rating an album without critically analysing each song, that’s your personal view with a few biases included. That being said, rating albums statistically doesn’t give room for how the album made you feel as a whole, how cohesive it was, how good […]

Ghana’s Pain

Land of failed potential, Land of pain, land of hidden dementia, Land of games, being played by a foreign investor, Land of rage, caused by corrupt officials, Land insane, no sympathy for depression, Land of slaves, working to satisfy pleasures, Land of vain, boys & girls searching direction, Land of shame, ethnocentrism within us, Land […]

Music Rating System

Music. We all love music, most of us can’t even go a single day without hearing a song. A certain legend once said “Music can alter moods and talk to you”. That’s how powerful music is. It makes you feel a wide range of emotions and can help you cope in difficult situations. Music is part of […]

Fifa Career Mode Problems

EA sports’ Fifa has arguably been one of the best franchises for the past 2 decades. Fifa has been responsible for bonding sessions and beginning friendships. It has been a great platform for competition and heck, I’ve even made money from playing this game. Playing Fifa 17 I realized one thing, Fifa still lacks in […]

Introduction to my blog 

Welcome to Midasthoughts.  You may be wondering if my name or nickname is Midas and say “what kind of stupid name is Midas?” ….Well, Midas Thoughts comes from the King Midas story. In case you didn’t know the story, in “simple terms”, it’s  a myth about a Greek king who prayed to the gods for the power […]