Introspection 101

Introspection 101 

It’s Unfortunate… 

It’s unfortunate that I lost touch with certain friends.

Little flashbacks occur now and again.

Trying to figure out the moment when I stopped trying.

Or maybe he/she actually stopped trying.

Maybe everyone else is at fault as much as I am.

It’s unfortunate that we let the hectic schedule of life divide us,

one day at a time until we can’t recognize the distance.

No longer know what’s going on in each other’s lives,

a question about “hey where you at now?” seems like an invasion of privacy, wow.

It is normal we all want to make it, stay low and build the formula everyone says it.

“Hey, they seem to be doing just fine” they may be faking,


Fear the loudmouth, they’ll throw lies your way to deceive everyone,

Fear the quiet ones, they observe way more than they let on,

the better judges of character, they stay calm.

Knowledge is power, the title of my next blog. This is introspection 101.


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