Ed Sheeran Discography Battle

This is a fun post for Ed Sheeran fans. Ed has three albums in his discography and each deluxe album has 16 tracks. I decided to put these tracks up against each other in a battle according to track number on the respective track-lists. Had to take my time with this to let Divide sink in so that it doesn’t cloud my judgement. Let’s get down to business I guess. Enjoy.

Track Number 1: The A Team vs One vs Eraser

This is a tough battle. The A Team was one of the first Ed Sheeran songs I heard and it’s a great song. Interesting subject matter and nice sound. One from Multiply is a more mellow and smooth tune and Eraser is simply amazing. The beat, the rapping, the chorus it was an epic start to the Divide album.

Winner: Eraser

Track Number 2: Drunk vs I’m a Mess vs Castle On a Hill

Drunk is a good song, I’m a mess as well but they both don’t beat Castle on a Hill. It is a close battle between Drunk and Castle on a hill but Castle on a Hill just about wins it.

Winner: Castle On a Hill

Track Number 3: U.N.I. vs Sing vs Dive

To keep it simple and short none of these songs are as good as Dive honestly speaking. Not a competition for Dive at all. None of these give you the chills like Dive does.

Winner: Dive

Track Number 4: Grade 8 vs Don’t vs Shape of You

Now this is a tough 3-way battle. These songs are all very good upbeat songs with interesting lyrics. It’s very tight but Shape of You just pips it ahead of Grade 8 and Don’t by just a shade.

Winner: Shape of You

Track Number 5: Wake Me Up vs Nina vs Perfect

This wasn’t a straightforward battle for the winning song. Wake me up was so well written. The winning song is one of Ed’s best songs so competing against it was always going to be an uphill task.

Winner: Perfect

Track Number 6: Small Bump vs Photograph vs Galway Girl

This is another heavy battle. Small Bump gave me the chills compared to the other 2. Photograph is a solid mellow tune but has to settle for 3rd place in this battle. Galway Girl on the other hand is simply amazing. Another one of Ed’s best ever.

Winner: Galway Girl

Track Number 7: This vs Bloodstream vs Happier

Now this is something else. First of all, let’s push This aside because it can’t compete with these two juggernauts. Bloodstream is one of Ed Sheeran’s best ever songs. Incredible instrumentals, great lyrics, great bridge. Amazing. Happier is also another great song. It is an anthem and you feel the emotion in both these songs.

Winner: Bloodstream

Track Number 8: The City vs Tenerife Sea vs New Man

This is a triple threat match. All 3 songs are very good songs. The City is upbeat and sounds great, Tenerife Sea is mellow and beautiful and New Man is upbeat, funny and creative. With these 3 against one another the winner has to be…

Winner: Tenerife Sea

Track Number 9: Lego House vs Runaway vs Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

This right here may be the most even battle on the list. Lego house is brilliant and emotional. Runaway is fun and good. Hearts don’t break around here is mellow and emotional. Lego House just wins the battle

Winner: Lego House

Track Number 10: You Need Me I Don’t Need You vs The Man vs What do I know?

This is another tough triple threat. All 3 songs are great. The first 2 are rap songs with catchy hooks and the 3rd is a smooth upbeat song. But when asked to pick one from these, The Multiply track is the winner. It’s just better

Winner: The Man

Track Number 11: Kiss Me vs Thinking Out Loud vs How Would You Feel

Well, this is another bloody tough battle. Kiss Me is the ‘Thinking Out Loud 1.0”. Smooth, emotional ballad. Thinking Out Loud, though heavily overplayed, is a Classic tune. How Would You Feel is a smooth song but it isn’t up to par with the first 2.

Winner: Thinking Out Loud

Track Number 12: Give Me Love vs Afire Love vs Supermarket Flowers

This is the toughest match up. It’s like Randy Orton vs Big Show vs John Cena. Anyone could win because these are 3 9/10 songs. This is one tough match up and I needed a few more listens to decide. After a few more listens the winner is….

Winner: Supermarket Flowers

Track Number 13: Autumn Leaves vs Take It Back vs Barcelona

Three solid tunes but Autumn Leaves Is head and shoulders above the two. It gives the maximum amount of chills compared to its upbeat compatriots

Winner: Autumn Leaves

Track Number 14: Little Bird vs Shirtsleeves vs Bibia Be Ye Ye

3 upbeat songs. They are all very good songs. They are all arguably on the same level but if one is to be picked from them the winner has got to be…

Winner: Little Bird

Track Number 15: Gold Rush vs Even My Dad Does Sometimes vs Nancy Mulligan

This is quite a tough match up. Gold Rush is awesome, the way the lyrics in the song are simple but great, Nancy Mulligan is one fun song to listen to with fun lyrics as well. If I’m to pick one Gold Rush does it.

Winner: Gold Rush

Track Number 16: Sunburn vs I See Fire vs Save Myself

Ed Sheeran always ends his albums with amazing songs. Sunburn is a song that grew on me. It started as a 7 to me but after a few weeks I realized how deep the lyrics were and how amazing it sounds and it became a 9. I See Fire is probably my favourite Ed Sheeran song. That song also grew on me from being a 7 to becoming a 10. Save Myself is a calm mellow way to end but I guess it’s in its growing on me stage. It reminds me too much of Rihanna’s Closer to You. Whatever the case I don’t see any song here being better than I See Fire so…

Winner: I See Fire


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