Golden Thoughts: Chapter 1: The Little Things

qV2p17GHKbsEvery human being is shaped by the little things in their lives. We are all a collection of little things. This post’s purpose is to open your mind to realize how little we are aware of the things that shaped us growing up to become who we are today. These little things come in the shape of your parents/guardians, friends, the media, school, etc. The suicide bomber who decided to end his own life along with other innocents had a buildup of little things for him to get to that extreme. The kid who committed suicide had a buildup of little things that took that person to the edge. We normally don’t notice how much these little things affect us until they have sewn a deep connection within us.

Lots of people imagine having kids at some point in their lives. They offer little thought to the little things in their future kids’ lives that could be best for them. What name you give to them will have a huge impact, what language you decide to teach them when young will have an impact. Their first interactions and friendships with fellow age mates also plays a big role. You then go to which school would you want your kid to go to. You practically decide who ends up being in your child’s circle without them even knowing it. Imagine that you went to a different grade school……. You can’t right? Your life would have been totally different; you would have had experiences with a different set of people as well. Your parents chose the grade school that made you meet him and her. That little thing is an example of how crucial it is. Then how you raise your Kid, how do you speak to him or her, how would you correct them, how would you reward them, would you motivate them or would you ignore them? Would you instill religious beliefs in them or would you let them decide? Would you play with them when young or would you be cold to them? Would you teach them moral values or you’ll expect the schools to do that? These little things all add up together. Add these to the media the kids are exposed to and you may have something.

Then in adult life the little things become clearer. We are in total control of the little things in our lives for the first time. We hear tons of cliché fake deep quotes all the time. Watch your friends, loyalty is key, who got your back in hard times, etcetera. We know that if we keep bad company we’re likely to pile up those little things and end up in a bad place. If we invest in improving ourselves those positive little things will put us in a better place. As adults, we are aware of the things we do and how affected we have become by certain events. Girls may go like “I won’t trust guys because of what Mr. X did to me”. Boys may go like “This girl cheated on me so I won’t trust anyone”. Those are example of little things or in this case big things that may affect one’s level of thinking. As adults we have the power to think deep and not allow the little things to have an effect on who we are as humans. One of the best traits to have is to be open minded. It is way easier to change your mind on things you knew or the little things that affected you as an adult than ones in your formative years.

We as grown-ups must rationalize. We are past the stage where a bad report card can give you nightmares. We realize the weight of some of the little things and we are better equipped to know which decisions to take. There was this twitter argument about “how someone could accept a ghc700 job?”. The guy made a rational decision and the little thing that most of you guys take personal like “Oh my friends will see me down or they are doing better” aren’t more important than earning a salary to the person. Many business moguls started from the bottom and it is the little things in the form of experience, knowledge and taking of chances that pushed them to the next level.


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