Movie Rating System 

Movies!. Before I say anything, this was bound to happen. Once I did a music rating system and a statistical album rating post a movie version was bound to happen. Anyway, Movies, we love em, we watch em, we found role models in em, we enjoy different stories with different twists. We are disappointed by some of them and we hate some of them. Movies unlike music is less subjective, if the movie is trash, it is trash. You can’t convince me otherwise. No need for a long introduction on this topic because the simple fact is, we’ve all watched movies before and each one impacted us differently when we’re done. I am here to help you guys rate your movies with this blueprint. I’ll be citing examples from 2016 movies as I explore the categories. 10/9 being the highest and 2/1 the lowest.


These are the amazing movies, movies that have great stories, great acting, great scripts, great directing, great effects,  you see where I’m going with this. These are movies that grab your attention throughout the film and keep you entertained throughout. The characters are well developed, the story is very interesting in your opinion and the pacing of the movie is just right(some movies take so long to move from point A to point B in the story). These movies have a special place in your heart since they went beyond “being a very good movie”. 10/9 is one category because there’s no big difference between 10/9 Examples: The Nice Guys, Silence, Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, Deepwater Horizon, La La Land and Zootopia. 


These are very good movies that you enjoyed the hell out of from watching. These movies give you many memorable moments. they have an interesting story and cast and they leave an impact on you. They fall a bit short of that “legendary” tag but watching them gives you that “I really enjoyed that” feeling. The storyline hooks you throughout and you understand the reasons behind the actions of certain characters because the movie does a good job of explaining that to you. The movies in this category keep your mind alert. You may not identify with it 100% but you appreciate how well done the movie was. Examples. Arrival, War Dogs, Popstar, Moana, Kubo and the two strings, Patriots Day, Moonlight, Dr Strange, Term life.


These are the good movies, not great, not very good, just good. You may find yourself using your phone a bit while watching the movie because it doesn’t grab your attention throughout. However, these are interesting movies. They have interesting storylines and there are few instances where your mind may be blown by certain events. What places movies in this category is the fact that you may say to yourself “hmm they could have done this better” or “hmm this doesn’t make total sense”. You still enjoyed the movie nevertheless and left with a positive feeling after watching it. Examples: Central Intelligence, the secret life of pets, The magnificent 7, Bad Neighbours 2, Hell or high water, Now you see me 2, The edge of seventeen, The Accountant, Jason Bourne, Money monster, Mr Church, Storks, Sully, Passengers


These are the okay movies. These movies are just okay. The story is obvious, you’ve seen other movies like this but with a better execution so the movie drowns in the pool of average movies you’ve seen in your lifetime. There are a few impressive moments here and there but overall the movie doesn’t stand out. You don’t walk out disappointed but you also don’t walk out wowed either. 6 movies have a fair share of questionable moments. Examples: Batman vs Superman, Sausage Party, Allegiant, Angry Birds, Bad Moms, London has fallen, Suicide Squad, Taken 3,  Mike and Dave need wedding dates,


These are the movies that just don’t resonate with you. In certain moments these movies are frustrating to watch. You don’t really care much for the movie because they don’t peak your interest. You may understand its purpose or its story but it just doesn’t move you. You don’t dislike it but it gives you the “maybe this isn’t for me” feeling. If you understand why the movie may be good for someone else but not for you, this is the category. Examples: Anomalisa, Finding Dory, Trolls, Pete’s dragon. 


These are the disappointing movies. Movies that you had high expectations for but they just shit all over those expectations with disappointments. If there was a bird called disappointment, that bird flew and shat all over your hopes and dreams for the movie. I wouldn’t go as far as saying the movie is shit but it didn’t satisfy your idea of how its execution should have been. Tiny bits may be good but those moments aren’t enough to impress you as a whole. Example: Assassin’s Creed


These are poor movies. The acting is bad, the story has so many holes. There are many moments that you find yourself questioning the authenticity of the character’s action. You may chuckle in tiny moments but come on, you know that the whole movie is a joke. These movies have shit premise, shit execution, shit effects,shit acting,  shit everything. Even the movie’s shit is shit. Surprisingly enough, you aren’t angry about it. You just laugh and say “well this is one poor movie that I’ll forget in 2 days”. Examples are: Max Steel, War on Everyone, Keeping up with the Joneses, The huntsman Winters war,


These are proper trash movies. They are so terrible that you blame yourself for watching them. The story, the acting, the special effects, the authenticity, the sense, the purpose, the pacing, the premise, the…. You know where I’m going with this. While watching these movies you get annoyed by the terrible jokes, annoyed by all the characters, annoyed by the generic storyline and after watching these movies you take absolutely nothing from them since they’re utter rubbish. Examples: Army of One and Gods of Egypt . Had to add 50 shades darker to this even though it’s a 2017 movie. It’s the worst piece of shit ever made. Give me the money you wasted on this to start a business or something. Please don’t watch it. I beg you. 


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