Music Rating System

Music. We all love music, most of us can’t even go a single day without hearing a song. A certain legend once said “Music can alter moods and talk to you”. That’s how powerful music is. It makes you feel a wide range of emotions and can help you cope in difficult situations. Music is part of human nature. Like it or not, Music to a certain point is subjective, you may like a song that i dislike and vice versa. There are many genres of Music such as Hip hop, Pop, R&B, Rock, Country, Techno, EDM, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Reggae, Highlife, Hiplife, etc. You may like one genre that i don’t care for and that’s okay. Music is about the feeling it gives you. That being said, this is my universal song rating system/blueprint irrespective of what your favourite genre is. From, 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.


These are classics. Songs that you love so much that even after not listening to the song for years, playing it gives you that nostalgic feeling. Most often, these are songs that can truly stand the test of time. It’s not always that the test of time determines 10s, certain songs, as soon as you hear them can move straight up to 10, even though those are quite rare.

These are songs that blow your mind. When you hear the song,  it just gives you that “wow! This is absolutely amazing!!!” feeling. It instantly lights up parts of your mind when you hear it. The replay value of 9 songs are extremely high. 

These are very good songs that also have a high replay value. These are the songs that make you go “I really like this song, let me play that again”. These songs have some addictive effect on you. Even after not listening to it for a while you’ll still love to go back to it. Listening to such songs is a very enjoyable experience.

These are songs that sound good in your ears. They may not have much replay value (ie. they are songs that don’t push you to listen to them  out of the blue)  but when they come up on the radio or any other external source you may bump your head and say “hmm it’s a good song”. Such songs in some rare occasions may move up to 8s after a while.

These are songs that are just okay to you, you understand what the artist is trying to do but it just doesn’t resonate with you much so it’s just okay. There may be tiny parts that sound good to you but overall they are just “okay” songs. Most songs fall in this category.

these are the “meh” songs. Songs that make you think maybe you’re not the target audience because if they weren’t made, it wouldn’t have made any difference to your world. These are songs that you don’t care much for. You don’t have any positive or negative feeling about the song.

These are the annoying and cringe worthy songs. These are songs that are quite annoying to you. Listening to them is an uncomfortable experience. You don’t hate the song and may even understand its purpose but it just annoys you.

These are songs that are just poor in your opinion. There’s no reason why you’ll ever listen to that song.  It’s just bad. You don’t like anything about that song.

These are the songs that you hate. A mere mention of the song pisses you off! You absolutely hate the song and wish it was never made. These songs may even make you hate the artist for putting out such rubbish.

These are the absolutely terrible songs. These songs have all the characteristics of 3s and 2s but worse.”The artists shouldn’t be musicians” type of songs. That’s how much you hate the song. “Waste of time” music. “Music that makes you sick” Music. Wordplay intended.

In case you didn’t know how to rate your music, this is the guideline/blueprint to do so.

This is the algorithm that I use to Statistically rate albums.  I rate all songs and divide the total by the number of songs in the album in question. I’ll explore that in a future post with statistical ratings of albums i’ve listened to… But that’s for another time. If you have examples of songs in all categories,  you can share. This is another golden thought of mine.  Thanks for the view, safe.


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