Fifa Career Mode Problems

EA sports’ Fifa has arguably been one of the best franchises for the past 2 decades. Fifa has been responsible for bonding sessions and beginning friendships. It has been a great platform for competition and heck, I’ve even made money from playing this game. Playing Fifa 17 I realized one thing, Fifa still lacks in its career mode. It has always been this way and will be the same for the foreseeable future. Fifa year in year out keep focusing on making changes to its graphics, game play and other gaming modes such as ultimate team and the journey almost totally ignoring its career mode. There are 2 sides to why people think Fifa don’t make major improvements;

  • One,  is that Fifa don’t need to make the “perfect” game. They just need to leave something to improve so they can hype the game up with a new change every year to entice its fans.
  • The other side say Fifa is just plain lazy and that they will still sell even if they make the “perfect” game because people will buy the game regardless, for new jerseys,new ratings,players in new teams,etc. Football Manager shows this can be done.

They both have some truth in their view. However, I am not writing this post to argue these points, I’m here to rant about the flaws of Fifa 17 career mode and the sad thing is, things won’t change for a very long time because Fifa are under no pressure to change these. I realized how enormous these flaws were when I started playing Football Manager, circa 2010. Football manager actually draws in the player and makes him feel like he’s actually managing a club,every decision he makes can have a dramatic effect on his fortunes.Even something as little as the quality of your Assistant Manager can prove decisive. Even though asking for Fifa to be exactly like Football Manager is impossible and unrealistic, they can pick up a few pointers. These are the problems with Fifa Career Modes;

Warning: this is a rant so obviously there’ll be strong language content, enjoy.


  • The Transfer and Contract system is unrealistic.

A.I clubs make extremely unrealistic signings.When playing career mode you’ll often times be amazed by how many times A.I teams make senseless signings. You see the most bizarre signings like both De Gea & Lloris moving to Bayern just to play second and third fiddle respectively to Manuel Neuer. I took over united from Mourinho and this is the strike force they had ; Griezmann, Dybala, Aubameyang, Lukaku, Kane, Ibrahimovic and add Rooney, Martial and Rashford to the mix then you realize the team had 9 STRIKERS!!!! HOW? ARE YOU MAD FIFA17? I can even do the “You naaaame it! challenge”with this list. This example alone illustrates how easy it is to sign players on Fifa. Just put up a decent amount of money, you can even bring Cristiano to Hull. An overhaul is needed. The contracts are pretty much shit as well. Players are always complaining of being underpaid and you don’t have much room to negotiate with them. A player will go like “hey I’m not being paid enough” offer comes in “hey I can’t accept that, I think I’ll let my contract run down” meanwhile about 3 years are left.  A.I clubs almost ALWAYS let their big players’ contracts expire. If you didn’t know this then thank me for this Fifa 17 hack. Just scout all players with a year left on their contract and you will be over the moon with all the stars you see. I actually  stopped spending money & signed De Bruyne, Coutinho,Gotze,Ousmane Dembele, Verrati, Dele Alli, Bellerin for free meanwhile I’m a United manager. This is laughable for a 2017 game.


  • – All teams play alike so even playing on legendary difficulty isn’t a challenge.

All A.I teams play the same way. No team challenges you to change tactics because they’re actually attempting to counter your tactics. You can easily win the league with any side in the English Premier League on Legendary. Imagine how easy it will be with a top top side. The weaker opponents are even tougher because they attack less. The A.I doesn’t pose enough threats. They don’t have that “human player edge” in their gameplay. So so predictable. The only tactical switch i’ve observed is the fact the the computers will open up when you score them. I’ve gone Unbeaten with Manchester United in a whole season playing legendary difficulty (as shown above). I’ve won the champions league so many times in a row.Normally in real life, when you win a league, all other teams will strenghten their weaknesses to try and challenge your team.In Fifa, teams would rather overload one position instead of using common sense. In football manager, I rarely won the champions league. Even winning the league with a top side is as tough as it is in real life.

  • Player growth and decline is unrealistic.

This has been an eternal problem of Fifa’s. The players either grow too fast or too slow. These days it’s way too fast. Players easily end up with sprint speed 99.It doesn’t make sense. So many players in the future enter the 90s, its laughable. Fifa don’t sit and say “okay the best this guy can get in real life is 85, so if his performances reflect that he can get there”. They don’t grow according to performances. Most times, the players who don’t do much in other teams shoot up in ratings and it’s ridiculous. You can score so many goals with an average forward season after season yet his stats never improve much because the game didn’t program it. if you use a player well enough for a consistent period of time, he has to improve ratings wise. The rate at which players over 30’s ratings decline is way too drastic. There is no way playing career mode that a player Ibra’s age will ever be any good, players lose attributes so quickly in their 30s it’s funny. Imagine starting a Fifa career mode in 2009, Scholes would have had a rating of 65 before retiring. I saw Iniesta have a 72 rating at age 36.

  •  Generated youth players are an absolute disgrace. There’s no motivation to develop them.

The “game made players” have terrible names, terrible generic faces and their growth rate is terrible. There’s no way you can be invested enough to attempt to train them to take over from the real life players in the future. Will you be interested in investing your time in a girl who looks like a block factory worker with boobs? No. That’s the equivalent in this scenario. That’s why people lose interest after a few seasons of career mode. The generated players simply aren’t likable. I won’t ask Fifa to include real life youth players because that’s probably 10 years away but at least Fifa should be putting way more effort in these gen youngsters. It’ll be fun giving opportunities and actually developing youth players but it’s not possible when they are simply so unlikable with their “Football age” young faces.

  • The board and the players act unrealistically.

Players in the club will come to you saying they don’t get enough games when u rest them for a league cup/fa cup match. All players say is something along the lines of “Hey boss, i feel like i’m ready to play the next game”. If they play they thank you, if they don’t, they are disappointed. The board’s expectations and rating are just dumb, you can have a great season, win everything & they’ll rate you 70 for not growing enough youth talent. The ugly block faced youth haunt you here as well. The way they only give one year contracts to managers is fake. The board of many big clubs will actually hire you a year into your managerial career…without an interview.

  •  The job market is unrealistic.

No club ever bids for your services. The available clubs are always unrealistic too. You’ll see Arsenal, Chelsea, United and City jobs available at the same time. What sort of Illuminati bullshit is this? Then you see the coaches at the touchline when you face them. Aren’t you supposed to be jobless man? Fifa 17. No club attempts to tempt you away, you have to go search for available clubs. You don’t go for any interview then bam! you’re the new Manchester United manager after one good season at Southampton. It’s laughable but people don’t scrutinize Fifa enough so they can get away with such shit.

  • All player and league records vanish when the season ends.

It does not make any sense whatsoever why you can’t even look back to see how well your players have done in the previous seasons compared to your current season or how well your team had done. It’s ridiculous. Everyone would love to see how many assists their playmaker made over the past 5 years for example. What’s the point of managing if you can’t get such information to make an informed analysis?

  • Player/manager awards are unrealistic

You can have a player who scores so many goals and wins so many Trophies yet isn’t the player of the year. Manager of the month is similar. There’s no World team of the year and they never reveal the best 3 players in the world. The World best always goes to an undeserving player.

  • press conferences are shit and useless.

One way non effect having press conferences are so laughable for a 2017 game it’s not even a joke. “Positive,motivate & unnerve” are the only options. what a joke Fifa. If you can’t do this right don’t do it at all.

This is my first golden thought. This isn’t a gaming blog it’s more of an introspective one but Fifa is part of life so, thanks. 


2 thoughts on “Fifa Career Mode Problems

  1. EA already has the established an entrenched position in the market and their main competitors(KONAMI) haven’t been able to penetrate the market well enough(in spite of many reviews which rank their PES 16 to be the better of the two.) EA’s franchise has been underwhelming in recent terms and none of us expect this to change any time soon.
    In the meantime, welcome to the blogosphere.


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