Introduction to my blog 

Welcome to Midasthoughts.  You may be wondering if my name or nickname is Midas and say “what kind of stupid name is Midas?”

….Well, Midas Thoughts comes from the King Midas story. In case you didn’t know the story, in “simple terms”, it’s  a myth about a Greek king who prayed to the gods for the power to turn anything he touched into gold. Well, he got his wish and things went sideways. He touched his family and all the food he had. Everything turned into gold and eventually he died of starvation.

These days, when anyone says “I have the Midas touch” they mean anything they do is gold/great.

That being put aside, I chose midasthoughts to signify my golden thoughts in this blog. I’m not here to preach to anyone with many words & boring stories, I’m just here to share golden thoughts about interesting and insightful things.


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